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    Forget Textbooks
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    Forget Textbooks
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Cocktails are an essential part of the successful party. Celebrations where mixed drinks are served tend to be more memorable than those where only beer is consumed. Cocktails can add a touch of “class” to the most outrageous and out-of-control bacchanals.

We present to you our library of cocktail recipes for you mixing pleasure. Also, take a look at our bartending tips to guarantee success at your next party. Here is some Bartending terms u should know above all:


Rocks: With Ice
Up: "Straight up", serve without ice
Neat: "Straight up", serve without ice or mix
Chilled: Strain through ice, serve up
Layer: float ingredients over each other

A Squeeze is squeezed into drink.  
A Wedge is on the side of glass.
A Twist is a strip of the rind twisted into drink 


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