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    Forget Textbooks
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This game has a very, very high buzz factor! Myself and a couple of friends finished 42 beers in 2 1/2 hours playing this game!!! It is a mix between chandeliers (quarters) and caps. Have fun and be safe!!

You need the following items:
- At least two people (three recomended)
- A medium to large cup for each participating member
- A cup (smaller than the others, to make it a little more challenging, and avoid dying) for the middle
- An ample supply of bottle caps and most importantly a sh*t load of beer.  

Each player sits at equal distance from the other players in a cirle with their cups between their legs. The middle cup should be placed directly in the middle of all players. Elevating the cup on a cooler or small table usually works well. Each player must have a half of a beer in their cup. The middle cup should be filled half way with water to keep it from being knocked over.

A player starts by tossing a cap either at another players cup or at the middle cup. If a player hits another players cup, the player who was hit has one shot back at the player who hit their cup. If he/she misses, he/she must drink their half beer and refill. However, if he/she makes it back, the player who originally made it has a shot back if he/she misses they have to drink a whole beer, and so on by half beers.

Now if a player hits the middle cup everyone must chug their half beers. The last player to finish their beer must chug an entire beer. Amounts can vary but I recommend that you keep the middle cup penalty at a whole beer. Play till you see triple!!

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