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    Forget Textbooks
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    Forget Textbooks
       more posters
Sink It
First off you need 2 or 3 teams of 3 or 4 people. Start by filling a pitcher full of beer. Next put a shot glass in the middle so that it is floating.

  Each player must pour some hard liqueur (whatever you want)into the shot glass. The first team to sink the glass must drink the entire pitcher in 5 minutes in this order (if your playing with 3 on a team).
- 1st person - drinks as much as they want
- 2nd person - same
- 3rd person - finish in 5 minutes or has to drink another beer

Teammates switch the order everytime they sink the glass so that someone doesn't get screwed the entire game.

Required Reading
Forget textbooks! Get Maxim, Rolling Stone, GQ, and more!
Your Pad
Get posters, blacklights, and candles to decorate your place!
Drinking Devices
You will not find these in Wal-Mart. Get the party started with these necessities!
Everything Sexual
Edible body paints, condoms and everything else you need!
Customized Items
Customized shirts, mugs, and hats for your fraternity, sorority, or group!
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