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    Forget Textbooks
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For this game you will need:

- Clear space (floor, large table, etc.)
- 11 bottles of beer brand a
- 11 bottles of beer brand b
- 7 bottles of beer brand c
- 1 large bottle of hard booze
- 1 small, round object (a ball... =)
- 2 players
- 1 referee

The players drink both 11 bottles of beer. Every time they finish a bottle they set it on the floor, ultimately forming a soccer team in a typical starting formation, one bottle of course being the goalie. The referee drinks 7 bottles of beer for goalposts and referees. The ref's gotta have drinks too. The time taken to drink these beers is best used to figure out tactics in a loud, disorderly fashion. This phase should be done slowly   so that no player would get sick too early. Good thing is to watch a few movies and take it easy while setting up the field.

After the beer has been drunk and the field is set, the referee opens the match with a ceremonial first shot of the booze. Then he throws the ball randomly on the field. The player, whose bottle the ball first hits, begins. He snaps the ball with his finger, "kick". If the ball hits a bottle, the player whose bottle it hits, continues. If the ball does not hit a bottle, the referee decides whose bottle is closer and gets to the ball first. After every "kick" each player can move one of his bottles on the field, to create play patterns. A maximum move of 4 in. is recommended. If a players scores, the other player drinks a shot.

After a goal, the bottles are moved back to original positions. If the ball goes out of bounds, player who made the kick, drinks 1 finger. The referee can give out penalties, yellow, red cards, etc. as he sees fit. Anytime the referee takes action, he takes a sip of preferred drink. Other rules work as in standard soccer.

This game is great fun, especially when two soccer (or ice hockey) fanatics are playing. (When all the bottles are named after players in the starting lineup of the team that is sponsored by the beer brand in the game ....)

Notice: this takes a while... I suggest starting early afternoon. The ref has most fun. When the players are on the verge of passing out, he can start the "penalty round".

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