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    Forget Textbooks
       more posters
    Forget Textbooks
       more posters
What You Need:

a ton of cups
lots of beer, best if there is a keg just for this game
official pingpong table
two ping pong balls
How To Play:
-two teams of two players each -for each team, there are two triangle of 6 cups, placed on each side of the table -each team has two balls, which can be thrown at the same or one by one -throws must be in the air,   and in case the ball bounces, the defending team can swat the ball -if the ball is not blocked off of the bounce, and it goes in, then the defending team must drink two cups of beer -if a team stikes and gets a ball in one cup, and the oposing team does not remove that cup immediatly and the striking team shoots the other ball into the same cup, the game ends right a way -when one team has a combined total of only 6 cups left, then they must put those together into one triangle -when triangles get down to two or four cups, you can request that the cups be condensed -when the ball lands in a teams final cup, they get one chance to make every cup that the other team has left, without missing, this is called a rebuttle -when the game ends, the losers drink all the beer left on the table -winners always stay on the table -UD rules, but i picked up this game in some kids basement back home right outside chicago

Credit: University Of Dayton-2meyer-rjm
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