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Captain Dickhead
What You Need:

Pencil and paper
Plastic Party Cup
Standard pack of poker cards.

How To Play:
Before starting a game, make a "card assignment" list. Assign an activity to cards 6 through ace. One of them should be "Captain Dickhead", social, rhymes, story, new rule and pour beer. If someone gets captain   dickhead, they can make anyone drink at anytime until another person picks up that same card and becomes the new captain (note: usually Ace is the captain card). A social is.. a social. The person who picks the card starts rhymes. The person to his left then has to say a sentence that rhymes with what he said within 1-2 seconds or he takes a drink. Story is the same thing, only u have to continue a story until someone gives in. When someone gets a new rule card, they can make a rule. If that rule is broken, then the violator must drink. The main point of this game lies within the "pour beer" card. If you get that, then you can pour as much of your beer as you want in the plastic cup in the middle (more on that latter). Whatever numbers (from 6 to Ace) left unassigned can be assigned whatever you want. Now, cards two and three should be "drink two gulps" and "drink 3 gulps" respectively. Cards four and five should be "give 4 drinks" and "give five drinks" respectively, where the person will give out the number of gulps to the other players at his discretion.

Ok, now that you have the rules written down, place the plastic cup in the middle of the table. Then, spread the cards around the cup in a ring-like way. Now you can start the game.

The group will take turns picking a card from the ring. If they break the ring, then they have to take a drink. Now, they look on the card and do whatever the rule you've written earlier tells you to do. The thing about this game is that you can't win, but u really can lose. As said before, when you get the "Pour Beer" card, you must pour as much beer as u want into the center cup. Once someone pulls the final "pour beer" card (there will be 4 of them), the game is over, and that person loses. His punishment? Drink the beer in the cup! This can get particularly nasty if people have different types of drinks (like beer and screwdrivers). That may be when you want to whip our your trust beerbong so you can get it over with. Have fun!

Credit: Matt

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