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    Forget Textbooks
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    Forget Textbooks
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 Played with three or more players, preferably. However, two can play by each playing more than one hand. Deal out all the cards evenly (hence 5 players, 5 even piles). Each player has his her own pile. No looking at your pile.

One person starts by turning their top card over. For example, a 5 of clubs. The next person turns over a 9 of clubs. Therefore the 1st person must drink 5(sips) and the 2nd person must drink 9. Lets say the next  person also threw a club (a Jack). Then everyone once again must drink their number (Aces high).

The first two people have now drank twice off of their one card. Hence the name connection..., if any card around the table is CONNECTED (not across) to the card next to them by suit or number, then they must drink their number. Very simple game, 2 rounds will cause even the best of drinkers to feel something.

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