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Eat the Turnbuckle
This game was introduced to me by my friends from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where everyone is a full blown alcoholic.

You need a deck of cards, dice, a lot of beer, and a healthy liver to play. Each numbered card is worth its face value in drinks. Jacks are worth 11 and Queens are worth 12. Kings and Aces are known as cover cards.

Start by passing out all of the cards to every player evenly (4-8 players is the best number). Then the players take turns rolling the dice. If a 6 is rolled and you have two 6's in your hand, you can place them both in front of one player or you can split them up between two players. The players who have had a card or cards placed in front of them must drink that number (i.e. Two 6's equals twelve drinks).

  NOTE: If a player has all four of the same card laid in front of them they must drink time and a half (four 6's equals thirty six drinks).

The game ends when all twelve numbers have been rolled, in other words, no one is holding any more cards in their hand. If a number is rolled twice, then whoever has that number's card(s) in front of them must drink the appropriate amount.

If a player has a King or an Ace, they may use them to cover one card in front of them for each King or Ace they have, but the player has to always drink the first time a card is laid in front of them, even if they cover it right away. You CANNOT move a cover card after it has been laid on a card, so be careful in choosing which cards to cover.

Biting the turnbuckle is when a player has had all four Queen's laid in front of them (That's seventy two drinks).

NOTE: If you have all four cards of the same number laid in front of you, use a cover card to cover one of those cards and you will half the number of drinks that you have to take everytime that number is rolled.

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