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    Forget Textbooks
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Forty Lordy
This game goes one person at a time. Dealer lines up cards in single column in front of the first victim face down -- 2nd overlapping the 1st, 3rd overlapping the 2nd....etc until 12 cards lie face down in front of the player.

The cards hold specific drink amounts as follows:

  - Ace - 4 drinks
- King - 3 drinks
- Queen - 2 drinks
- Jack - 1 drink
- All other cards are freebies

The drinker begins to turnover the cards one by one. When he reveals an ace, king, queen, or jack he must take that many drinks. For each point card turnover, the dealer lays face down that many more cards.

Example: If an ace is turned over the player takes four drinks and four more cards are layed down on the column.

The player's goal is to clear the row of cards before all the point cards have surfaced. Total up the points and you will have taken 40 drinks in a pretty short amount of time. If you drink all 40, you have successfully drunk the deck.

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