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Fucked Up Moons Over My-Hammy
What You Need:

Lots Of Beer

How To Play:

I always thought we made this up, but i just saw basically the same thing called "suits". Our version is better though, and has more "content", so I'll post it. It's the most popular game we have ever shown people, and they always want to play it. It sounds simple but it's fun and it'll get you fucked up quick....oh, and if you're wondering about the name, it's because after playing this, we like to go to the 24 hour Denny's and get some cheap food.

 THE BASIC RULES: The dealer deals all the cards out to the players including his/herself, face down in front of them, and the players are not allowed to look at the cards. To begin the dealer calls a suit, and the players each flip a card in turn until the suit is drawn. Then the player has to drink the amount on the card, but the other players count for him, going around the table, so if you want you can be a major dickhead and make the person drink forever. Upon finishing your assigned number, you call a suit before setting the beer down, or you do it all over again.

MORE IN-DEPTH RULES: If you are drinking your beer, and finish it before the players get to the last number, slam it down, and the person that was supposed to say the next number drinks the entire card's worth. Say if you drew an 8, and you finished the beer on 4, the person who was supposed to say 5 has to drink the full 8.
If you want, you can leave the Jokers in, and if someone draws a joker, the next person to draw a card has to drink the value no matter what, and if it's on suit, he/she has to drink double.

There's also a rule to keep paying attention, if they players are counting, and someone says the wrong number, or is obviously not paying attention, he/she must drink the full amount, no questions asked.
If you finish an entire beer before the other players are done counting, a FULL beer, newly cracked open, everyone at the table has to drink for 10 of YOUR counts. This is a very beneficial rule to expert chuggers, since people expect to be able to count slow, but if you can down a full beer in 15 seconds, they will either go faster, or pay the price.

When you run out of cards, you still have to count, and can still end up having to drink if you break one of the rules mentioned above. Towards the end of the game, the cards will be uneven because certain people will get more called suits, so if the final person has say, 5 cards left, they continue the game until they run out of cards.

That's about it. It's not too complicated, and after a few games you and your friends will be nice and toasted, I myself have gone through 5 beers in one 15 minute game. Hope you enjoy it, we sure do!

Credit: Alex

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