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    Forget Textbooks
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    Forget Textbooks
       more posters
Red, Black, Hi, Low

What You Need:

Full Deck Of Cards

How To Play:

Gather around a table. Dealer starts buy asking each player red or black. If you are wrong you take one   drink. Then you go around asking higher or lower than the card in front of each player. Drinking again if they are wrong. Then ask to each player outside or in between The two cards in front of the player. Wrong you drink. After this you take the remaining cards and deal them out into 4 piles. Taking the first pile flip over one card. Any player with card in front of them now gets to give the amount of drinks equal to the number on the card. This is done for the first pile. With the second pile it is the same as the first flip over and see who has the cards, but now the person with the card infront of them has to take the number of drinks on the card. Then the third pile is the same as the first, give away the drinks. And last the forth pile is back to take the drinks. Buy the end of game you should pretty much fucked up.

Credit: Derek Young

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