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The Real Rules to Asshole
What You Need:

a deck a of cards
a table

How To Play:

shuffle the cards,(include one joker) and deal the entire deck out one at a time starting with the person on the dealer's left. (Whoever deals first does not matter). Whoever is dealt the joker lays it down, and the person to their left goes first.

The object of the game is to run out of cards.
Whoever goes first can lay any single card on their hand, and set of doubles, triples, or four of a kind. If that person plays a single card, then for the rest of the round only single can be played that are either equal of higher than the previous card played. (It is best to play low cards first since it is tough to get rid of them)
If back to back cards are played, then the next person up is skipped and takes a drink. If a person cannot play, or does not want to play for whatever reason, then they knock on the table and take a drink, and play moves to the next person.

Twose, threes and fours can be played anytime a person is up. A two clears the table and whoever played that card begins a new round playing whatever they wish. A three skips the next person and whenever a four is played it is a social and everyone takes a drink. The other way the table clears besides a two is when everybody around the table knocks. When this happens the asshole clears within 5 seconds or he takes a drink(same thing after a two) (in the first round it does not matter who clears the cards since their is no asshole). When the table is cleared in this manner, whoever laid the last card down plays whatever they wish to, if does not matter if the last card they played is an ace or a three or anything else.

The first person to get rid of their cards is the president and ranks descend downword with the last person being the asshole and the next to last person being the beer bitch. The cards are then gathered by the asshole, shuffled, and dealt. While he/she is doing this they can make anybody at the table drink, get them a beer, shut the fuck up, or anything else they wish.

If anyone touches the cards before the asshole touches his own, they drink. Once the asshole touches his cards everyone else may do the same. At this time the president makes a rule that will stay in effect for the next three games, and that rule can be anything. Also, ranks now come into effect.
The president can make anyone do anything, the VP can anyone except the president do anything and so on down the line. Repeat play like in the first round.

1. If single cards start a round, then only singles can be played, if doubles start then only doubles, etc.

Credit: Bret Griffin

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