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    Forget Textbooks
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    Forget Textbooks
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What u need:

Deck of Cards

How To Play:

  Every now and then there comes along a game that requires a high degree of intellect, incredible verbal skills and amazing physical abilities. This, unfortunately, is not one of those games. It is however, a fun game that is easy to play and requires only a quick hand and a deck of cards.

To begin you need a few people sitting around a table. Also, you need to designate one person as a dealer. The game begins with the dealer placing cards down, one at a time face up into a pile. As the dealer places each of the cards down they call out the face value of the card. The fun begins when two cards with the same face value are placed down in a row. When this happens, the players all lunge forward in an attempt to be the first one to 'snap' their hand down on the pile of cards. Whoever can accomplish this amazing feat of speed and dexterity gets to give as many drinks as there are cards in the pile to which ever player they want. After this glorious event has occurred, the dealer clears away the old pile of cards and starts a new pile. The round ends when the dealer runs out of cards.

A new dealer should be appointed after each round. Also it is a good idea not to have the dealer be involved in trying to 'snap' the cards during the round in which they are dealing. To add more fun to the game, try these variations at home:
  • Require that all players keep their 'snap' hand behind their backs.
  • Allow players to 'snap' on two face cards of the same suit.
  • Allow players to 'snap' on cards that fall in either ascending or descending order. That's it. Have fun and try not to break anything.

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