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    Forget Textbooks
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This game is best played with 4 or more people. First, shuffle the deck, then toss the cards on the table and just push them around so they're all over the table (facedown).

Now, choose someone to go first (rotation always goes to left of the first person). The person randomly draws a card from the table. Flip it over so everyone can see. The cards have the following rules to them:

- Ace: you can make anyone drink once
- 2: you can make one person drink twice or you can split it up however you want it
- 3: make a person drink 3 times or split it up
- 4: make a person drink 4 times or split it up
- 5: make a person drink 5 times or split it up
- 6: Person to the left of you drinks one
 - 7: person to the right of you drinks one
- 8: you drink one
 - 9: social, everyone drinks one
- 10: you have to get your thumb on the table. Last one to get their thumb on the table has to drink

- Jack: questions, you have to ask someone a question, they can't respond in any way, and they can't laugh, they have to just turn around and ask someone else a question. So basically you want to ask someone a dirty question to make them laugh =)

- Queen: catagories, you can choose any catagory you like. For example, say you chose brands of cigarettes. You could start off by saying a brand of cigarettes (like Marlboro or Newport). And it goes around and the first person who can't think of one has to drink. You can choose any catagory, cigarettes, cartoon characters, Songs by a certain band, etc...

- King: is a Presidential Social (waterfall), everyone starts to drink. But you can't put down your beer until the Person who flipped over the card puts his down. But when he puts his down, the person to the left of him becomes the new president. Everyone (except the old presidents) have to keep drinking until he stops. This goes around circle of people until there can be no more presidents. And let me tell you, it sucks to be the last person!

After you draw a card, just stick it in the discard pile. When all cards are flipped over. Shuffle them and do it again!!!!

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