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    Forget Textbooks
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Knifey Spoony
How To Play:

You play with a deck of cards jokers included. You each draw cards 1 at a time. Black cards mean the player who drew the card the assigned number of gulps. Red cards means your opponent has to drink the assigned number. Each card is a different value. For example:
Player 1 draws a black 4; he then will take 4 gulps.

Player 2 draws a red 7; player 1 must take 7 gulps.

Gulps are determined by card number. A 6 is 6 gulps. Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, Kings are 13, and Aces are 14. Jokers mean you must shotgun at the end of the game.

Afterthought; this game is brutal. Large quantities of alcohol will be consumed at rapid paces. It is not for the weak of stomach.

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