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Suicidal 666
You will need a deck of cards, two or three shot glasses depending on the amount of people playing, a medium sized glass, and a lot of beer.

All players sit in a circle around a table with the medium sized glass filled with beer and placed in the center. The dealer starts the game by flipping over a card for the first player and the player drinks according to the rules below. After he has taken his drinks, the dealer flips a card over for the next player and so on.

Special Rules - If the dealer flips over these cards for you do the following:

- Evens - you give someone else that many drinks

- Odds - you take that many drinks

- 10 - take five drinks, each other player gets one turn to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. If they miss you don't drink, if they make it you drink five more for each person that makes it.

- 7 - you get to make up a rule and a consequence for breaking it. ex-No pointing.

  - Jack - Category. You pick a category, NFL teams for example, and the players take turns naming NFL teams. If someone messes up or stalls they drink the glass in the middle of the table and refill it.

- Queen - You ask someone a question. They have to ask someone else a question without answering the one they were asked and so on. If someone answers a question or stalls they have to drink the glass in the middle of the table and refill it.

- King - Variation of speed quarters. Start the shot glasses opposite of each other on the table. If a lot of people are playing you use three glasses. Each person shoots the quarter until they make it and then pass the glass to the next person. When all the shot glasses catch up to one person they drink the glass in the middle of the table and refill it.

- Ace - Each person takes as many chances as they need to shoot a quarter into a shot glass. The person who takes the most turns drinks the glass in the middle of the table and refills it.

- 6 - The first three 6's you give six drinks to someone. The person who gets the last six has to either chug or shotgun a full beer.

Have fun, but proceed with caution. It's a killer game!

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