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    Forget Textbooks
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Tequila Blackjack
Start with 3 packs of cards and 4-6 players including the dealer. Also have on hand 2-3 bottles of tequila, a whole bunch of lemons and a lot of salt. Normal casino rules exist for dealer - has to sit above 17 and hit on 16.

Players drink a tequila slammer when: - They go bust
- They get beaten by the dealer
- They have the lowest hand total out of the remaining players
- When dealer or any player gets a blackjack, all players must down a slammer
Dealer drinks a slammer when:
- They bust
 - When any player gets a blackjack
- When all players beat delear's total

It is recomended that the slicing of lemons occurs previous to the game - not half way through. Also due to the pace and deadliness of the game, it is recommended that the dealer takes their time shuffeling the shoe.

This game is really devestating - have a blast. Also keep on hand back up bottles of tequila and a bucket!!

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