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How To Play:
3-Man is a game of chance played with dice. It is not a game for the faint hearted or the light drinker. All that is needed is a pair of dice, a surface to roll them on and a large supply of beer, or any other beverage of your choice. A minimum of three players is required. To begin take one of the die and roll it. If the player who rolled the die rolls a 3, then that person is now 3-Man. If that person rolls anything else then they have been spared a great deal of misery and they pass the die to their left. This process is repeated until some unfortunate, or joyous soul depending on how masochistic that person happens to be, rolls a 3. Once a player has been designated 3-Man then play is ready to begin.

The player who rolled the 3 passes the die to the player to his or her left. This person then takes both of the die and begins to roll both of the die together. Whenever a 3 comes up on either of the die or on a combination of the two die then the 3-Man drinks. After a few rolls of the die you will see why being 3-Man is an unenvious position. It is amazing how many times a three comes up. In addition to the 3-Man doing all of this drinking there is ample opportunity for the other players to consume. These arise when the following combinations come up:

As stated before, anytime a 3 or a 2+1 are rolled then the 3-Man drinks.

If a 4+1 is rolled then all of the players have to touch their finger to their nose. The last player to accomplish this feat then has to drink.
If any combination of a 10 is rolled,( two 5's or a 6+4) then it is a social and all of the players must drink. Some people prefer to have any combination of a 9, ( 4+5, 6+3) to be the roll that calls for a social. This is purely a matter of preference.

If a 7 is rolled,( 5+2, 3+4, 6+1), then the player to the left of the one who rolled the 7 has to drink.

If an 11 is rolled (6+5) then the player to the right of the one who rolled the 11 has to drink. As with the social rule, some people prefer to play differently and in this case 7 is to the right and 11 to the left.

If doubles are rolled then the player who rolled them is presented with two options;

1) The player may give both of the dice to one player who must then roll both of the dice. If that player in turn also rolls doubles then that player gives the dice back to the original player. If the player fails to roll doubles then the player must drink the total amount shown on the dice. If the player was successful in rolling doubles then the original player must now roll the dice in an attempt to again roll doubles, if that player is unsuccessful then the player must drink double the amount indicated by the die roll. If the player was successful in rolling doubles for the second time then the die are handed back to the other player who must attempt again to roll doubles for the second time, the penalty for failure this time being that they must drink triple the amount indicated. This process can go on as long as doubles are rolled. The penalty for failure continues to increase with each roll of doubles.

2. The second option the player who originally rolled the doubles has is that he or she can split up the doubles and hand one die to two different players. The two different players must then attempt to throw doubles,(together that is) and the whole process described in option 1 can then ensue. Failure to throw doubles means that the individual players drink only the amount shown on the die that they threw. You do not combine the two rolls and force each player to drink that amount. If doubles are thrown back and forth then it is only the individual die rolled that is doubled or tripled or so on which determines what each player drinks.

If double 3's are rolled then the 3-Man must drink twice. The player who rolled the double 3's, or any doubles combination for that matter, can give the doubles to the 3-Man but this is considered cruel and unusual punishment as the 3-Man should be doing quite a bit of drinking on their own. This is a quick way to create an enemy with the 3-Man. If at anytime when there are dueling doubles being thrown and a 3 comes up then the 3-Man must drink. The rule however can be optional depending on how cruel the other players are.

Each player continues to roll as long as one of the valid combinations comes up. If a player rolls a dead roll, one that has no action associated with, or a 3 in it, then that player hands the dice to the player on the left and that player now begins to roll. Play continues in this manner until all of the beer is gone or people are passed out.

As can be seen by the name and rules of the game the object is to make the 3-Man drink. So how does the 3-MAn get out of being the 3-Man? When the 3-Man has his or her turn, all they have to do is roll a three or combination of three. This does not have to come up on the first roll, however the rolls before the one that contains a three must have an action associated with them. In other words if the 3-Man rolls a dead roll before they can roll a three then they have to pass the dice along and their misery continues. If the 3-Man does manage to roll a 3 then one die is passed around and rolled until a player rolls a three, that player then has the pleasure of being the new 3-Man. Some players prefer to play with the rule that the old 3-Man chooses the new 3-Man. This is where it is advisable to not have made enemies with the first 3-Man. Playing this way can also allow for one person to be unfairly chosen 3-Man more than their fair share. It is up to the players as to how they would like to play.

There are a few other rules that you can add in for even more fun;

If a player rolls the dice off the table then that player has to drink. Some people like to make that player drink what ever the number is that is indicated on the die that fell on the floor.

If a player rolls a die into an ashtray then that player has to drink 5 times for each die that lands in the ashtray.

If during a social when everyone raises their drink in the traditional toasting manner, if by chance some poor soul touches the cup of the 3-Man then the player who has committed this folly automatically becomes 3-Man.

To add to the possible number of 'live' dice rolls, some players like to add an additional rule to a particular combination. One popular one is 'Thumbmaster.' This can be added to any open combination, say 1+5. 'Thumbmaster' is a rule similar to when all of the players have to touch their noses except that whoever rolls a 1+5 becomes the 'Thumbmaster' and it is his or her option and luxury to decide when to enforce this rule. All the 'Thumbmaster' has to do is place his or her thumb on the edge of the table whenever it strikes their fancy. All of the other players must then place their thumb on the edge of the table. The last player to do so must drink. A new 'Thumbmaster' is appointed when another player rolls a 1+5. Be creative with additional rules, but remember that if there are too many additional rules and actions assigned to various rolls of the die then it will be almost impossible to end a players turn and the game will become very stagnant. Be sure to leave a few open combinations so that play can flow.

This game can be a lot of fun and it can be very cruel. Be sure to have lots of beverage on hand and a bucket if 3-Man needs it.

Version 2

I'm sure you get tons of variations but we basically play 3-man the way you have it with just a few more rules.
Whenever a 2 and a 1 is rolled, we call this "3 man the hard way" The 3 man must roll the die that has the 2 and whatever is rolled must drink plus the 1 from the other die

Whenever a 4 and a 1 is rolled everyone puts their first 2 fingers on the table. Last to do drinks. The same is true with a 5 and a 1 except your fingers go to your forehead.

Whenever a 5 and a 4 are rolled everyone grabs for the dice. Whoever ends up with the dice yells to the others "Drink Hoes" or whatever you want to call your friends, and everyone without dice must drink

If a double is rolled, you may not give it to the 3 man because if you do, you automatically become the 3-man. Also, if someone other than the 3-man rolls a double 3, that is another automatic 3-man election.

If a 6 and a 2 or a 4 and a 2 is rolled then the dice are passed to the next roller.

When doubles are passed to 2 different players, and they do not roll a double together, the drink the amount of the die thrown by the other person.

And the final rule, at anytime during the game, any player can tell any other player to "drink for stupidity"

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