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    Forget Textbooks
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What You Need:

6 cups
a die
a table
some friends to play
and plenty of beer.

How To Play:
6-Cup is a game that involves an obvious 6 cups. A table is also needed to place the cups on and to roll the die on. Players arrange themselves as they please around a table and choose a player to start. The cups however, cannot be arranged as they please, they must be lined up in a row in the center of the table. Leave the cups empty until you read further along.

Before starting play, number the cups one through six. These numbers will remain the same through out the   game. Chose a player to start, give them the die and have them roll it. This begins the game. The roll of the die will indicate to the player what action he or she must take. For the first roll of the game, the player pours any amount of his or her beer into the cup corresponding to the value of his or her roll. In other words if the first roll is a 4 then the player goes down the row of cups to the fourth cup and pours some beer in. After this happens the die is passed to the player on the left and he or she rolls the die. Again, the roll determines what this player does. If the roll is a 4 and the cup contains beer, as in this example it does, then the player drinks whatever is in cup 4. After they drink the contents of cup 4 then they roll again. If cup 4 had not contained beer then the player pours as much of their beer as they desire into this cup and passes the die along. Play continues like this for the rest of the game.

To summarize, each player rolls the die, and each cup has a number assigned to it. If the cup that the player rolls has beer in it then they drink the beer from the cup and roll the die again. If the cup that the player rolls is empty then they pour as much or as little beer into the cup and pass the die along. It is possible for a player to drink the contents of every cup before they can pass the die along. Cruel players will fill up the cups to the top, considerate players will pour in a reasonable amount. The game continues until either everyone is out of beer or everyone is passed out.

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