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7-11 Doubles
What You Need:

6 Cups

How To Play:
  This is not really a difficult game so it is a good one to drag out when the mentally challenged come knocking at your door looking to be entertained. However, any one can play and still have a rather nice time. For the fact of the matter is that, if played correctly and for a reasonable amount of time, this game will leave even the most academically astute looking like the village idiot. This is a cat and mouse game of speed and luck and we strongly urge you to please try this at home.

All one needs to begin is a table, preferably a dining or kitchen table but a coffee table will do the trick, a pair of dice, a short wide mouthed glass and a goodly amount of ale. Players arrange themselves around the table in any particular fashion and the dice are handed to a player selected to begin. To start the game this player tosses the dice hoping to come up with any combination equalling 7 or 11 or a roll of doubles( both dice showing the same number). We will call this roll the choosers roll. If unsuccessful then the dice are passed to the left. If he or she succeeds then they must leave the dice where they lie, meaning you can't touch them, and pick a player to join him or her in a direct drinking confrontation.


The player chosen to drink must fill the glass with a predetermined amount of beer, usually a little more or a little less than 4 shots, and place the glass down before themselves on the table. As soon as they touch the glass again, picking it up to begin consumption, the player who chose the drinker grabs the dice and begins rolling. We will call this roll a confrontation roll. The rollers goal is to throw a 7, 11 or doubles before the drinker has finished the beer and returned the glass to the table. If he or she succeeds before the drinker finishes then they cannot touch the dice again. When the drinker finishes, the glass is refilled and the confrontation begins again, and continues on until the drinker beats the roller. When the drinker is able to finish and put the glass down before his opponent has made a successful role then the dice are passed to the player who just drank and that player attempts to roll a 7, 11 or doubles, thus enabling him or her to choose the next drinker.


  1. If the roller disturbs the dice from the spot they fell in a successful confrontation roll before the drinker touches his or her glass to begin drinking or after they have finished, then the roles reverse with the roller becoming the drinker and the drinker becoming the roller. Often head and body fakes are employed by the drinker to fool the roller into doing just that however, at the conclusion of the confrontation the dice will still be passed to the player originally chosen to drink. The same holds true for the choosers roll providing the player rolling has made a decision as to who will do the drinking before he or she touches the dice.

2. During the confrontation if the roller touches the dice after rolling a 7, 11 or double and the drinker is still consuming or has yet to place the glass back on the table then that roll is disqualified and they must continue rolling.

3. If after the a 7, 11 or doubles choosers roll the dice are touched by the roller and he or she has yet to chose a player to drink then they themselves must take a drink, passing the dice on to the left , and losing their chance at screwing a fellow player until a later round.

4. Dice thrown off the table do not count when showing 7, 11 or doubles.

5. Players not involved in a confrontation may not touch the dice. Upon violation of this rule beatings will ensue.

6. Have fun.

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