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    Forget Textbooks
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Box Head
What You Need:

2 Dice
Box (Thirty Pack box works nicely)

How To Play:
If the dice add up to 9 then person to the right of the roller drinks 1.

  If the dice add up to 3 then person to the left of the roller drinks 1.

If Both dice are odd then everyone drinks.

If both dice are even then the roller drinks.

If the dice add up to 10 then the roller may go to the bathroom.

If the dice add up to 5 the dice maybe passed to anyone at the table.

If the dice add up to 11 or 12 then that person must put the box on their head. When ever anyone else has to drink box head must drink the same amount. If double odds are rolled he must drink for how many people are playing. He cannot take off the box until someone else rolls an 11 or 12 or he rolls an 11 or 12.

If a person has the boxhead all other people must refer to him as box head. If they don't they must drink (boxhead doesn't).

If a die is rolled off the table the roller must roll that die and take that many shots of beer.

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