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Drinking Games Rules
General Rule Suggestions for Drinking Games

Dear PartyMaster,

The best part of drinking games like asshole and kings is when you get the privilege of making rules such as you take a drink if you: say a name, a number, if you swear, say a word that begins with a "d", if you point, etc. the only reason we play a lot of these lame games is to catch people being dumb and breaking the rules, a good game needs to work up to having 8 rules. And rules can be worked easily into any game. In asshole for example the president gets to make one new rule every round he or she is president...

Well here you go...

Basic Rules:   

no names
no numbers
no saying drink, drank, or drunk, or just no words that begin with d
no swearing
no pointing
drink with your left hand
say cheers before drinking

Better Complex Rules:

Ebonics rule/accents: everyone has to speak in Ebonics or with a particular accent or vernacular every time they speak.

Boot camp rule: everyone has to say "sir yes sir" before and after they speak
Puke either way rule: (good towards the end of the game): each time you break a rule you have to do 10 penalty push ups or sit ups, BUT if you're lazy, you can opt to drink 5 penalty sips instead.

Martian rule: an imaginary Martian lives on top of your beer and you have to remove it before you drink and put it on the table next to your beer and then return it or you drink again.

Michael Jackson rule: before you speak you have to point in the air and say "hee hee" like Michael Jackson or you drink (it sounds lame but actually ends up being really funny)

Partners rule: the person across from you has to drink if you drink (designated partners should be made so as to avoid confusion)

[boys/girls] choice: In boys choice, if a girl breaks a rule the boys pick a different girl in the group and make her drink too. obviously the other way around for boys choice. (THIS CAN START SOME SHIT...REEEOOOWWW!)

Master Rules

These are ongoing rules which a single person has the power to make others drink: as a rule one could declare themselves to be:

Question master, every time the question master asks you a question, you must answer in a question or drink: for example the question master says: "who's turn is it?" to you. If you answer it by saying mine, you drink...instead you must say "why are you such an asshole?" or " I don't know who's turn is it?" or "WHAT? HUH?"

Thumb master: if the thumb master puts his or her thumb on the table last person put theirs on the table drinks...even better than that though is...

Forehead master: which works the same only you use your forehead and everyone quickly slams their head onto the table instead of their thumbs so as not to be last, it's really funny.

Question master: (See above) note: this is different than "questions" in queens rather than lasting one round the question master can use this ability whenever he or she chooses. In addition it stops after the person who is asked the question answers in the question, it doesn't keep going around and around like in kings.

  Delay master: (works well when playing with a lot of dumb, chatty girls who aren't paying attention): if someone is screwing around, chatting too much, not paying attention, or taking too long to make up their mind within a game, the delay master can just make them drink.

This is one of the best and simple games to play with these rules: It's an altered version of kings take a deck of cards and spread them into a circle, then put about 10 or 12 in the middle. The middle is double everything, but you can't take from it until the outer ring is finished take turns drawing cards

2: a ten second keg stand or something else that totally sucks

3-5: drink that many

6-9: give that many to somebody ( you may divide it up if you want)

10: Delay Master - See above

J: Waterfall, (assign an order everyone chugs, when the first person stops the second person can
stop, and when they stop the third person can stop, etc.)

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