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Game of the Gooly Gang

What You Need:
Enough drinks for everyone!

How To Play:
Start off everyone picks a gesture with a movement eg. animal noises and appropriate hand movements. Eg. I could be an elephant and make an elephant noise whilst doing the trunk movement. Once everyone has there movement and sound you begin the chant. "This is the the game of the Gooly Gang" in time with clapping on legs then hands. (It's not that hard).

Then the first person starts with their noise and movement which must be done twice and in time with the beat. Then the person also does the movement/saying of another player. If the second player doesnt respond with there movement/gestures and that of another player or first player fucksup the game starts again and the person who stuffed up drinks. Fucking up also includes wrong gestures with sound, out of time with the chant and mixing of sounds and gestures.

It's a great game for groups (we play it on our netball trips) because it keeps everyone alert (I even got included while driving one day unbeknownst to me!) and in the game. We play a ruder version on the bus whilst travelling but revert back to the animal sounds at the pubs! Very good fun and gets harder the more you drink! Seems hard but once eveyone knows how it works its alot of fun.

Credit: Nazza

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