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Big Chief

How To Play:

This is a game of memory which you won't have when your drinking so your liable to get very messed up.

It starts saying "Big Chief I take the first drink of the night!". The person takes 1 drink/sip. After declaring the player must put his first finger on each hand starting with the right hand and put fingers on the table one at a time while keeping fingers on the table, pound each foot on floor 1 time. Then they stand up once then sit down. Keep in mind that all extremities have to be on the table and floor while standing until seated. If they mess up they have to take a drink for messing up and then start from the beginning.

  Next person says: "Big Chief I take the second drink of the night. Take two sips now you do it with two finger's and two stomps of the feet it would go right hand, right hand; left hand left hand; right foot right foot, left foot left foot, stand up twice, sit down. If they mess up then they take a drink and start over.

Next "Big Chief I take the third drink of the night. Take three sips, three finger's just like before except it's three times each.
I laughed hysterically the first time I watched a person do this........he got wasted.....and finally he ended up finishing the game and succeeding in his mission to become a fellow Big Chief!

Credit: A.S.

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