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Good Moon, Bad Moon

What You Need:
a flat surface (i.e. a table or sit on the floor)
alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol
preferably 6 or more player

How To Play:
Okay, the object of the game is for everyone to draw a 'good moon' with their finger on the table surface.

With a large group of people, have two people make up a rule (secretly). The rule has to be what constitutes   drawing a 'good moon' versus a 'bad moon'. Start with one of the people who knows the secret by drawing a good moon on the table. After the moon is drawn, the other person who knows the secret yells "good moon!" and you move onto the next person. If the next person(s) draw "bad moons" then they have to take a drink and you go around the circle drawing moons on the table until everyone figures the secret out or until people start getting too beligerent.

Ok.. here's an example of a 'good moon' situation. let's say the secret is to cough before they start drawing. the person who made the secret coughs (not loudly, but it doesn't matter b/c nobody ever catches on at first anyway. They're paying too much attention to your drawing) and they draw anything they want on the table (in RESEMBLENCE to a moon... not exact, it doesn't really matter. any design will do. cirlces, squiggles, lines, dots, etc.). Then the other person who created the secret yells "good moon!" and then the next person in the circle (who doesn't know) draws a random moon and if they didn't cough beforehand, the 2 people who created the rule yell "bad moon. DRINK!"

Credit: Kristina Marie

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