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Hand Jive
How To Play:
The hand is an amazing instrument. You can pick things up. You can put things down. You can smack a wining and sniveling co-worker. Further, the hand is all you'll need to participate in Hand Jive. Actually, you'll need two of them.

To begin, find a group of ready and willing pals and place yourselves in a tight circle around a table. Now, select a player to start the game. Each participant should then place their hands on the table, palms down, with their right arm passing over the player to their rights left arm and the left arm under the player to their lefts right arm. Once you have mastered this skill your ready to play.

The player selected to begin may now do so by tapping once with either of their hands. The player whose   hand is next on the table, clockwise from the starter, has one of two choices. He or she may tap once, continuing the clockwise motion, or can tap twice reversing the direction. The game moves along in this manner, switching directions now and again. The object is not to screw up, however, when someone does, (wrong hand, too slow,) then the game can simply continue on with a drinking penalty or the player may be forced to a withdraw a hand from the game. The second method will determine a winner, while the first will determine whose driving and whose not. If the latter is chosen, players should reposition themselves so that hand are still placed over hands despite some player being down to one hand in the game.

This game bears a strong resemblance to the drink Pea Soup. It may sound like it sucks, but it doesn't.

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