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    Forget Textbooks
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Moose (2)<
What You Need:
Plastic Ice Cube tray

How To Play:
Gather a group around a table with the ice cube tray leaned up against a beer in the center. Take turns going around the circle bouncing a quarter into the tray. If your quarter lands on the right side, you drink, if   it lands on the left, give drinks. For example, if your quarter bounces into the third cube on the right, you drink three, if it lands in the fifth cube on the left, give five drinks (feel free to divide them up as you wish).

If the quarter lands in the top cube on either side, all people have to put their thumbs on their temples and wiggle their fingers (a la moose antlers) while yelling "moose, moose." The last person to put their hands up has to drink the entire can of beer that the tray is propped up against.

Credit: D.G.

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