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How To Play:
Taps is a simple game to pick up, but not so simple to play after a couple of rounds. Taps is similar to Hand Jive with one very important difference as you shall see. To play you need a group of people seated around a table. Players can be either deaf or blind, but not both! Our apologies to the deaf and blind, we don't mean to discriminate, but we didn't make up the rules so don't blame us. You also need a coin for each of the players to use, preferably a quarter. So, actually those players without limbs can't play either….sorry.

Play starts with one player tapping their coin once on the table. The player to the right of the player who   started then either taps once to continue play to the right or else taps twice to reverse the direction of play. That would mean to the left for those of you directionally challenged. Play continues along in this manner until someone has a brain fart. When a player screws up the direction or hesitates too long to respond they take a drink. If a player drops their coin they are shot. Just kidding. Having them finish their beer would suffice.

So have you got it now? One tap to the right, two taps to the left. Try not to tap so hard that you leave marks on your mothers table, she would not be pleased. For an extra challenge try playing with your eyes closed. Sure it makes it harder to tell who screws up, but then that's what the blind and moles have to deal with, so it can be done. For added punishment when a player screws up, give them a dope slap. Enjoy.

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