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How To Play:
  Thumper is a simple and rather animalistic game. It is very easy to play and requires little skill. All that is required to play is a group of fun loving people who have some memory capacity, if they don't they will be drinking a lot. A table is also needed, a strong and sturdy table that is. If only a weak and flimsy table is available then either don't play this game or else be very gentle, because as the name of the game implies, there is some thumping, or beating on the defenseless table. Here are the rules.

To begin, every player comes up with a hand sign or signal, such as a peace sign or flipping the bird or scratching your nose or whatever you want, as long as you can quickly and easily reproduce your sign or action. The sign should also be easy for all of the other players to remember, otherwise this game will bog down and no one will have fun. Before you begin a round, you need to have a sign check where everyone shows everyone else their sign. It is best to make sure that everyone can do everyone else's sign, if not you may have problems, also make sure that no two signs are alike, this will eliminate any possible confusion. To start a round, a random player starts off by thumping, pounding or slapping, whatever you want to call it, the table quickly and repeatedly. The rest of the players follow along and everyone begins beating on the table. This beating of the table continues as the initial 'thumper' yells out, "What's the name of the game?" All of the other players yell out in chorus, "THUMPER!" Then the initial 'thumper' yells out,"How do you play?" To which the other players respond loudly,"Fucked up!" To which the initial 'thumper' asks,"How fucked up?" The response being,"VERY FUCKED UP!" During this last response all of the players beat on the table in time with the yelling of the response. The initial 'thumper' can try and fake out everyone by bringing his or her hands down quickly and stopping short of the table, if anyone is faked out and begins thumping the table then they have to drink. If this happens then the initial 'thumper' simply begins again.

After the beating and the yelling has ended the initial 'thumper' does his or her sign and the sign of another player. The player who's sign was just indicated then does his or her sign and the sign of another player. This routine goes on and on until someone screws up. The person who screws up drinks. The person who screws up then becomes the initial 'thumper' for the next round. This game can be tremendous fun if the people playing have any semblance of a clue and can remember each other's sign's. If people can't then this will just suck. Also the people involved will be doing an incredible amount of drinking. If a player is unable to come up with another player's sign quickly enough then they have to drink as they are holding up the game and should be judged as incompetent. Remember a sturdy table is a necessity, also heavy cups or cans are suggested as a group of people enthusiastically beating on a table has a tendency to create vibrations which can lead to drinks falling off the table or spilling. A ready supply of paper towels is perhaps a good idea. -----------------------------------------------

Thumper (Variation)
How To Play:
We play Thumper the exact same way that you describe it, however our intro to the game is a little different:  

"What's the name of the game?"
"How do you play it?"
"T with a humper!"

At which time the thumping stops and T sign, like a timeout, is displayed, and a "humper" sign, two arms extended and brought back towards the player as if one was grabbing onto a waste while doing it doggy style. Thumping begins again ...

"Why do we play it?"
"To get fucked up!" as players pound on the table.

The timeout ("T") sign may not be used by any player as it becomes a crucial part of the game.

The "T" sign may be used by any player at any time their sign is displayed if they are confused, however they still have to drink and they get to be the "Head Thumper."

The Head Thumper may use the "T" sign at any time during a game to signify a social drink, however once used, the Head Thumper may not use it again.

Credit: Slickytrock

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