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How To Play:
You can never have too many games where players do silly things, make gestures and clap their hands. Here is a simple game that requires no extra equipment except for a lack of self-dignity. The game is called Viking and it has nothing to do with raping and pillaging. I know, you are disappointed, but the game is still fun.

To begin, have a group of friends, or strangers that you want to make look silly, sit around a table. Choose a player to start the game. You can do this in any manner you choose, except for punching the player in the face. While this may be acceptable in some countries, we don't go for that monkey business in this country buster. Once you have chosen a player to start, and assuming that they know how to play and are prepared to do so, the game may begin. The game itself is very easy and is played in the following manner.

The starting player puts their hands up to either side of their head, in a horn like manner and wiggles their hands or fingers, whatever, and does this for a few seconds. The player then turns to another player and claps their hands in front of them, using their hands to point to the player they have selected.

The player who was just selected now puts their hands up to their head in the same manner as the first player did. In addition, the player to the right of the new "Viking" makes a paddling motion, (as if they were using a paddle) to their right, and the player to the left of the "Viking" makes a paddling motion to their left. This comical little scene continues until the "Viking" claps and chooses another player to be the "Viking" with the players to either side of the new "Viking" making the paddling motions.

  Players who do not respond, or respond slowly to being clapped at, fail to make the required paddling motions, or screw up in any other manner must take a hefty drink. They are, after all, Vikings and as such are manly men and should be able to handle a large swig from their cup. If it is a truly grievous error then they should consume their entire beverage.

Players who would like to screw with the other players can try the old "fake clap" move. This, as the name implies is when you make as if you have chosen a player and are going to clap at them, however, just at the last moment, you pull out and don't complete the clap. If the player puts their hands up then they drink. You can then clap at another player and move the game along. If a player pulls the "fake clap" move too many times they should be severely punished. May we suggest a severe beating with a wet noodle.

That's all there is to it folks. Have some fun, and try not to poke yourself in the eye.

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