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    Forget Textbooks
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Vroom Vroom

What You Need:
At least 5 People
Plenty of alcohol

How To Play:
This is more or less a tag game.

Get everyone seated in a circle. The starting player starts the tag by pointing with their elbow at the person beside them and says "vroom!".

  The person tagged then has a couple of options: They can continue by tagging the person beside them in the same manner ("vroom!"); they can change the direction by not doing anything and making a screeching noise (imitate a car skidding); or they can simply stand up with their hands in the air.

If they change direction, then the person that just tagged them is then considered tagged.

If they stand up, everyone must stand up. Last one standing sculls.

If you anticipate the tag, you scull.
If you take too long, you scull.
If you stuff it up, you scull.
It is meant to be played as fast as possible.

Credit: Stevo

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