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    Forget Textbooks
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One Big Chicken

How To Play:
You've just arrived at the local watering hole. A few riends have joined you. There is nothing going on. You can feel boredom creeping up on your not so merry little group. What to do? Play a game of course. Here is one that requires no extra equipment, just some one who has memorized how to play, (which itself is not aneasy thing to do!) Following in the long tradition of finding ways to make people feel silly and have to drink for it, we present to you now a little game called "Follow the Leader" so it may sound familiar to you. The game begins with the person who knows how to play, and all of the phrases, repeating the first phrase. Every player must repeat the first phrase until it gets back to the first player. Now the first player repeats the first phrase and the second phrase. Play continues in this manner with one additional phrase being added each time around. A player who messes up the order, sentences, laughs, misses one or just looks clueless must drink. They are then skipped and the next player takes their turn. The game ends when all ten phrases have been successfully repeated by the last player.  

 Sounds easy? Sure, except that these are the phrases:
One Big Chicken
Two Cute Ducks
Three Brown Bears
Four Hairy Running Hares
Five Fat Females Sitting, Sipping Scotch, and Smoking Cigarettes
Six Sheets Slit by Sam the Sheet Slitter
Seven Sexy Siamese Sailors Sailing the Seven Seas
Eight Echoing Egotist Echoing Egotistical Ecstasies
Nine Naughty Knocked Up Nuns Navigating the Nigerian Desert Towards the Nunnery
Ten Fig Pluckers Plucking Figs, I'm not a Fig Plucker or a Fig Pluckers Son but I'll Pluck Figs until the Fig Pluckings Done!

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