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Fuzzy Duck

How To Play:
Here's another rather simple game in principle, however, upon the introduction of alcoholic beverages into the equation, the game becomes as rambling and nonsensical as a debate in the House of Representatives. This game only requires willing players who can think relatively quickly. There are three things you can legally say in the game, "Fuzzy Duck, Ducky Fuzz, or Duzz he?" Any other utterances, usually hapless attempts at the aforementioned, are severely reprimanded and, if you've been at all paying attention while browsing through are little book, you know what that means. Here's how it goes.

The players, at least four is a nice start, arrange themselves in a circle. The lucky soul selected to begins does so by saying " Fuzzy Duck". The player to the left now has two choices. He or she may say "Fuzzy Duck", continuing the game to the left, or "Duzz he?", which reverses the game to the right. If "Fuzzy Duck" has been selected then the player to this persons left has the same two options. If our player chooses "Duzz he?" and reverses the game, the player to his or her right has two choices as well. He or she may say "Ducky Fuzz", continuing the game to the right, or, once again, "Duzz he?", changing the games direction back to the left. Remember, left movement is "Fuzzy Duck", right movement "Ducky Fuzz", and direction reversal "Duzz he?". Speed is vital, stuttering and complete memory loss are not and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. This game seems easy enough, however it is amazing how often a slip of the toungue produces a rather crude utterance. Any and all screw ups are to be punished with a sip of your beverage. This is a great game to play at the end of the night when every one is tired of dealing with cards and dice.

Object: To get really Fucked up. (as usual)

You'll Need: Lots of beer and at least four people

How to Play:

Everyone gets in a circle. One person starts off saying "Fuzzy Duck." You go counter-clockwise and everyone after that repeats "Fuzzy Duck" until someone decides to say, "Does He?" Once this is said, the direction changes and the next person has to say "Ducky Fuzz" until again someone says "Does He" and the direction changes again with the next person saying "Fuzzy Duck." If anyone messes up and says something like "Fucky Duzz" they have to drink and start the game over. This isn't too complicated to understand when you're sober. It's supposed to be complicated when your not, that's when the real fun begins!

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