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One Frog

How To Play:
Come with us now on a trip down memory lane. Think back to your childhood days and a little video game called "Frogger." It was the story of a little frog who tried to simply get to the other side of the road without being squished. A classic tale of one frog's struggle against a cruel world that would snuff out his innocent life without a second thought. A tale of triumph over adversity. Well, this game is nothing like that.

One Frog is a verbal game of repetition. It is a game that you can easily play with a group of friends at a bar, on a bus trip, in a classroom, wherever. This game requires at least two players, but no additional equipment except the ability to have a clue. Oh yes, you will also need the obligatory beverage of your choice.

The game is played by repeating the simple statement, "One Frog Jumped Over The Pond. Plop!" The game proceeds clockwise in the following manner:
The first player says, "One Frog..."
The next player says, "Jumped Over..."
The following player says, "The Pond..."
The next player says, "Plop!"
It all depends on how many players there are as to who says what. After the first, "Plop!" the next player begins by saying,
"Two Frogs..."
The following player says, "Two Frogs..."
The next player says, "Jumped Over..."
And the next player says, "Jumped Over..."   
"The Pond..."
"The Pond..."

As you can see by our little illustration above, depending on the number of frogs is how many times each phrase is repeated. Each player only says each phrase once, it is up to the following player to remember where the game is at.

Players who pause too long, repeat the wrong phrase or screw up in any other manner (related to the game or not) must drink. A player takes as many drinks as there are frogs. So if there are four frogs and a player thinks there are only three, then that player would take four drinks. Once a player makes a mistake and has taken the required number of drinks, they start the game over with, "One Frog."

That's it kiddies. Now go on out there and win one for the gipper!

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