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How To Play:
The question game is perhaps one of the easiest games to learn and play, however to be really good at it can take some practice. The whole concept of the game is that only questions can be asked. There are no responses to these questions. If a player does make an actual response then they drink. The game begins   simply by a player asking another player a question. The player asking the question must look at the player to which the question is being asked. The player being asked the question must respond with another question. This question should be directed at another player or else the game will go nowhere. Players may direct a question back at the original asker only once, after that the player must pick a new player to ask a question. A question can be directed back at the original asker later on, as long as other players have been incorporated in the game. Players drink when they make an actual response or else they delay in asking a new question. The delay period allowed is up to the players involved in the game. We usually give each player about 5 seconds to respond. If a player laughs and fails to give a response then they must drink. Basically as soon as you screw up you drink.

Questions can be anything. They can range from "What time is it?" to "does it crunch?" Trick questions are a favorite of experienced players. A good way to start is with the question, "Do I start?" or perhaps "are you ready?" Depending on the class of the players, some of the questions can get quite disgusting. The best players often have a list of questions ready in their head so that they will not get stuck. Also they learn to ignore the questions being asked and simply rattle of new questions so that they won't laugh. Inevitably there is a player who either laughs at every question or simply has no creativity and always get's stuck. Learn to ignore them and avoid asking them questions. Better yet simply take them out back and beat them senseless. This usually straightens them out. This game can go on for hours, or at least as long as the players can think of some asinine things to say.

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