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How To Play:
Here is a fun game when you are drunk. Most people will quit the game before it ends because they are getting too fucked up. It goes like this. Someone has to memorize the list first (see below). This is not hard after playing a few times. For the first time the leader can read it but must not show the other players. The players sit in a circle. The leader goes first. they take a drink and recite the first thing on the list. then the next person takes a drink and repeats what the leader says. this goes on until someone messes up. it is up to the leader and the other players to catch their mistakes. the person who messes up has the choice to either take a drink and say it again or take two drinks and have the leader repeat it. if the leader has to repeat it the leader must take one drink before they repeat it. if other players help a person that messes up they must drink. if the leader helps without being asked, they must drink. you must say the the list as is. no adding s's to the ends to make the words plural and suh. the list is. everytime you go around the circle of people successfully you add one more thing from the list. starting with one, going to ten.

 one fat hen
couple dove
three brown bears
four running hare
five fat fickle females sitting sipping scotch
six simple simons sitting on a stump
seven sinbad sailors sailing the seven seas on a sloop (while doing "sloop you must make a sloping motion with your hand. the other players must do this when it is their turn or they must drink until they realize their mistake)
eight egotistical egotists echoing egotistical excstacies
nine nude nymphs na-na nibbling on a nutsac of nicotine
I never was a fig plucker, nor a fig pluckers son, but I'll pluck all the figs till the fig plucker comes, bet your sweet ass I'm a turtle now.

Credit: Gary


Turtle (variation)

What You Need:

How To Play:
This is a variation of the Turtle game already submitted, there must be variations all over the country, and I thought this one would be a good addition.

This is played the same way, a leader says the first verse of the game "one red hen" for example, and everyone else in the circle repeats that verse. Once complete, the leader says the first verse,and adds another verse: "one red hen, two cute ducks" . This goes from one to ten, with all ten verses spoken by everyone at the end of the game. If someone makes a mistake, that person must drink from their beer and the game starts from the beginning, with the leader making the statement and everyone repeating in turn. People are free to drop out of the game at any time, and the game gets more and more difficult especially as you drink more and more. Once you successfully get through all 10 verses, you are dubbed a turtle for life and you are given a secret password in order to identify you to all other turtles.

Here are the verses:  
1. Red Hen
2. Cute Ducks
3. Brown Bears
4. Running Hares
5. corpulent porpoises
6. pairs of Don Alverzo’s tweezers
7. Limerick oysters
8. brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred crypts of Egypt
9. lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizens of the deep who all stall at the key of the quay on the qui vive
10. pathetic apathetic diabetic old men on roller skates who show a marked propensity toward procrastination and sloth.

Once successfully completed, here is the secret password you are given to identify you to all other turtles:
when anyone ever asks if you are a turtle, you answer with: “you bet your sweet ass I am”

ps. I don't know if I spelled the name Don Alverzo right -- someone once told me he is the inventor of the tweezers. Maybe you can call this an educational game.

Credit: Kathy

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