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One Up, One Down

How To Play:
Do you like secrets? Well friends, this here is a little game where if you know how to play, the secret, you'll be fine. If you don't you will be in trouble. The name of the game is "OneUp, One Down." The set up of the game is simple, place a few friends around a table and make sure everyone has a beverage of their choice. There is noother equipment required to play. The game begins with the player who knows how to play explaining the rules (secret) toeveryone else. We'll call this person the dealer for simplicities sake. Andthose rules are as follows. There are only three responses that are allowed, those are: "One Up, One Down", "Two Up", "Two Down"

No questions are actually asked, players must simply give one of the three allowableresponses when it is their turn. Play begins with the dealer giving one of the three responses. Play now moves to theleft of the dealer. The next player must now give on of the three responses. Only the dealer knows if the answer is correct, because the dealer knows the secret. If the player is correct, then the dealer informs the player that they have chosen wiselyand play moves on to the next player. If the player's response is incorrect, theyhave committed a grievous error and the dealer will inform them that they chosen badly andthey must take a drink. Once they have consumed, play moves on to the next player.

If the players are feeling kind then players can simply take a little drink. If youreally want to play nasty then have players finish half of their beer or take a shot whenthey screw up.

Well that's it kids, have fun!

  Ohhh, you want to know when a player is correct? Well, okay we suppose that is only fair. The secret to the game is that a player'sresponse is correct according to where they have placed their arms. What? Allow us to explain. A players response of, "One Up, One Down" is correct when they have one arm on the table and one off the table. A players response of, "Two Up" is correct when they have both arms on the table. A players response of, "Two Down" is correct when they have both arms off of the table.

So simple, yet so aggravating when you don't have a clue. Players should catch on if they have any brain capacity and if they are paying attention. Otherwise they will simply go home dazed and confused. Ifyou are acting as the dealer then be sure not to explain the rules to anyone. If you do, then you can't relive this fun again. If a player has figured out the rules thenyou will know it and so will they, mainly because they will no longer be drinking. Now that's really it. If you have any questions, call someone who cares.

Credit: Rachel

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