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    Forget Textbooks
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What the Fuck

What You Need:
Alcohol-any kind

How To Play:
Everyone starts by sitting around a table. It doesn't matter how many people but the more the better.

Everyone gets a name with "fuck" at the end of it (ex. silly-fuck, crazy-fuck, anything you want). The hand motions, which are done throughout the entire game, are as follows: hit the table with both hands, clap, snap, clap, hit the table with both hands (this gets harder the more intoxicated you get) but everone has to have a steady beat going with the motions. The game starts off by everyone chanting once "Awww....fuck me. what's the name of that fuckin game? It's called what-the-fuck. Here we go now" to the beat of the hand motions. After saying that one person, right away will start the actual game. Say that person's name is big-fuck. They would say "Big-fuck, Big-fuck, better than a silly-fuck" Then it would be silly-fuck's turn to pick someone and they would continue in the same manner (silly-fuck, silly-fuck, gotta love a crazy-fuck). If you hesitate for too long or mess up then you have to drink. If you mess up the beat, if you're timing's off, then you have to drink. If the whole table is off on the beat then everyone does a waterfall, starting with the person who initially messed up the beat. Once someone messes up the game starts over from the beginning with the person who messed up.

Credit: hungover

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