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    Forget Textbooks
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    Forget Textbooks
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What You Need:

A baseball game (live or taped)

How To Play:
This game is to be played while watching a Baseball game. Players pick which team they are and do the following according to whether they are on offense or defense.

Strikeout 15-Regular (20-Looking) FlyOut-GroundOut 5 Seconds
Foul-Fly Out 10 Seconds
Double-Play 20 Seconds
Pick-Off Finish Beer
Triple-Play 2 BEERS!!!!
Balk 25 Seconds
(When Necessary) Strike 5 seconds
Ball 5 seconds

From 9th Inning on - 10 Sec. added to everything

Single 10 Seconds
Double 15 Seconds
Home-Run (For Da' Kids) 25 Seconds
Walk 10 Seconds
Error/Wild-Pitch FINISH Yo' BEER
Passed Ball 15 Seconds
R.B.I.'s10 Seconds
Stolen Base15 Seconds
Sac Fly10 Seconds
Sac Bunt10 Seconds
Hit By Pitch 25 Seconds
In The Park HR!! TWO Ma'Fuckin' BEERS!!
Thrown out Running 5 Seconds per Base
Runners Left In Scoring Posistion(END OF INN.) 10 Seconds(2B) 20 Seconds (3B)

Credit: Ry-Guy, Dudley & Jeru

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