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What You Need:

A copy of the song Roxanne by the Police.

How To Play:

Roxanne, the classic song by the Police. You know it and love it. Perhaps you have fond memories of the song. Well, those are about to be totally warped and tainted forever. Why? Because you can drink by, or shall we say with, Roxanne too! The rules are very simple as is the song.

Divide the group of friends in half. Don't literally cut your friends in half, but place them into two equal groups on sort of opposite sides of the room. Make sure that every one has a nice full drink. Get your copy of Roxanne cued up and get ready to drink!

The object of this little exercise in intoxication is to have one group drink whenever the words "Roxanne" are uttered. The other side drinks when the words "Red Light" or "Red Dress" are uttered. Teams can optionally sing along and then drink if they want. Simple isn't it?

  For those of you wondering, the song is only 3 minutes and 15 seconds long. "Roxanne" is uttered 27 times and the words "Red Light" are uttered 26 times. The words "Red Dress" are uttered only once. So...that means that both sides will drink an equal amount of times...27. That means you take 27 drinks in just over 3 minutes. If you put the song on repeat mode then you are sure to be heaving after the second round! Have fun!

Thanks to Jennifer Hindermann for the rules to this one!

Object: Get Drunk


What You'll need:
A copy of the song Roxanne by the Police.
a cd or cassette player.

How To Play:

Line up 2 rows of party goers (facing each other), each with ample amounts adult beverages on the ground before them and a drink in hand. One team will be labeled Roxanne while the other Red Light. Start playing the song. Every time sting sings Roxanne, Team A Drinks Every time he sings Red Light, team B drinks. You've never realized how many times these lines are sung until you're stubling away from a great game.

Credit: Raul


What You Need:

1 copy of The Police: Roxanne
Beer of choice
Music playing device, ie: CD player, Cassette Deck, boom-box, record player...

How To Play:

This is a two player game.
One player is the Pilot, the other is the Co-Pilot.

Pilot = "Roxanne"
Co-Pilot = "Red Light"

1) Put the copy of Roxanne in whichever media player you've chosen.

  2) Open a couple of beers.

3) Play the song.

4) Every time you hear "Roxanne" the Pilot drinks.
Everytime you hear "Red Light" the Co-Pilot drinks.

5) Puke as necessary.

Credit: Dano


What You Need:
2 or more people
Roxanne by the police

How To Play:
Everytime The Police sing the word roxanne you must drink. It sounds kind of dumb but it get you pretty messed up.

Credit: anon

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