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    Forget Textbooks
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Bobby's World
In the beginning of this game only two people should know how to play, the person who wants to play, and one other person they tell the rules to.

  In order "to go" to Bobby's world, you have to bring some thing that starts with the same letters. For example: Large Letters, Big Boobs, Nice Nails, Varicous Veins, Clean Cups, etc.

Every one has to "catch-on" to the rules and can not gain admission unless they figure out the rules. If they get it wrong, they have to drink and then the game just continues until everyone is drunk, or someone is left alone and wants to know how the game works.

You can make up different rules for the items you name. For example, you could say that the last letter of the first word has to be the same as the first letter of the second word. You should try to change the rules for items each time you play so that it isn't too easy to get into Bobby's World.

Required Reading
Forget textbooks! Get Maxim, Rolling Stone, GQ, and more!
Your Pad
Get posters, blacklights, and candles to decorate your place!
Drinking Devices
You will not find these in Wal-Mart. Get the party started with these necessities!
Everything Sexual
Edible body paints, condoms and everything else you need!
Customized Items
Customized shirts, mugs, and hats for your fraternity, sorority, or group!
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