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    Forget Textbooks
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How To Play:
Categories is an extremely easy game but one that take a little thought and creativity. No external devices or item are required to play this game, all you need is some people to play with and a beverage of your choice.

Play is easy and all it takes to start is for someone to decide to. All you have to do is come up with a category and then have everyone else name an item that belongs in that category. A round ends when a   player either can't think of something or else repeats an item that has already been mentioned by another player. When either of these two events occur then the player who has committed the party foul must drink. The player who screws up is also the player who starts the next round. If a player needs time to think of an item that belongs in the category then they can ' think while they drink'. Categories can include anything from types of Condoms to various shades of hair dye. This is a game where your creative juices can truly come into play. It is usually best to pick categories that have at least more than one item or member in them. Names of Scandinavian countries would not be a good category as there are only a few of them. Brands of cigarettes is a much better choice, not necessarily for your health but for the benefit of the game. Have fun and see how long you can keep a round going. This game is integrated into the game of KINGS and can be played almost anywhere, except perhaps at a concert where everyone involved might have a tough time hearing each other.

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