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    Forget Textbooks
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Frog Game
Gather a group of people together in a circle. One person starts by saying the first phrase, the second person says the second phrase, etc. The phrases are as follows:

- One frog
- Two eyes
- Four legs
  - In a pond
- Kerplunk

- Two frogs
- Four eyes (because two frogs have four eyes between them)
- Eight legs (because two frogs have eight legs)
- In a pond
- In a pond (one for each frog)
- Kerplunk
- Kerplunk (one for each frog)

This carries on and on until someone makes a mistake. They then have to drink two fingers worth of alcohol. Keep going around the circle till someone makes a mistake.

The third round would go like this:

- 3 frogs
- 6 eyes
- 12 legs
- In a pond
- In a pond
- In a pond
- Kerplunk
- Kerplunk
- Kerplunk

You get the idea. It's also cool if you make up new animals each time but keep the idea of each having two eyes and four legs or it over complicates things.

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