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I Will Survive (College Version)
At first I was afraid

Now I’m petrified

That I just can’t keep my GPA

of two point five.

I spent all those stupid nights...

I was just chilling way too long

And that was wrong

  But now I know I must be strong

And now they’re back

They’re in my face

I’ve got 3 finals and 2 papers

to be done in just five days!

I should never have gone out

And I should never have partied

‘Cause now all this work I have

It’s all piling up on me!

And I must go

to the library oh

To do research on those papers

And study harder than before

It’s hell, I’ll tell you that

and you know it’s not a lie

But I can’t crumble

I can’t lay down and die

Oh no not I!

I will survive!

If I keep a 2 point O

At least I’ll be alive!

I’ve got five more days to live

and I think my brain will give

But I’ll survive!

I will survive!

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