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Dorm dictionary
Put a few thousand drunks in a dorm for 4 years, and you get a new language. You might want to take notes All

1 5: You have 15 minutes to get back to your seat before someone can take it

1,000-yard stare: The ability to glean or completely bypass objects or events when highly intoxicated, such as doors, brushes w/ the law, or disco balls

6-pack sprint: A game between buddies usually held before a football game where the goal is to finish a 6 pack of beer before your friends do

A Good Look: As in basketball, when a player makes a shot it is called a good look. The same applies for other situations where there is an opportunity

ACA: Abbreviation for Acute Commitment Anxiety. Used to explain someone's behaviour

AIDS: After Intense Drinking Shits

  Alcoholya: I'll get a hold of you later for some beers and shots

Alien: A person who is so ugly that they should be hunted down by Sigourney Weaver

Apple for the Teacher: A person who is known to have banged/pleasured/moved in with, etc. a professor or instructor

Around the World: A party theme in which participants move from room to room. Each room is decorated in a theme of a different country with the appropriate alcoholic beverages provided

Assclown: 1) used among friends to point out that one member of the group has done something stupid 2) a term used, still among friends, as a response to an insult when no quality response comes to mind

ATM Bomb: As in "Dropping an ATM Bomb.” Refers to when you need some more cash thereby destroying your bank account.

B.O.D.: Otherwise known as "Breath of Dog". One generally has this after a long night of beer chugging, and smoking (see: lung candy)

Bad Idea Jeans: When one behaves in a most idiotic fashion. (From SNL skit)

Bar Scar: All the wristbands and ink left over after making the rounds at the bars

Battle Group: Not just one, but a group of big ugly people

Batton the hatches: The act of locking the door and placing a towel under it before toking in your dorm room

Bayonetting the Wounded: Drinking all of the leftover half full drinks while cleaning up the morning after a party

BBD's: Short for Bigger, Better Deals. Going out and trying to meet someone better, or trying to find a better party

Beast: An affectionate or pejorative nickname for a cheap beer called Milwaukee's Best

Beat: A person who is really ugly!

Beer Witch: The person sitting closest to the cooler or refrigerator at a party whose job it is to grab another beer when yours runs out. The most important person in drinking games

Beer Dash: (a/k/a "Beer Run", "Beer Sprint") Act performed by cheap/broke students who will wait outside a convenience store at night until the clerk is busy, then they will, enter, grab a 6/12 pack of beer and then take off running out the door

Beer Gnomes: The reason for the random bruises and pains you unexplainably have after a night of heavy drinking

Beer Goggles: One's perception when under the influence of alcohol. Often causes unattractive people to look hot, long distances to look jumpable, and break dancing moves to look easy

Beer Muscles: A sudden increase in courage and combative abilities directly linked to alcohol consumption

Beer Pong: A game played on a Ping Pong table in which cups of beer are set at each end. The object is to throw a ping pong ball into the opponents cup and then they drink from that cup...multiple cups are used and when all the cups are finished on one side.... they

Beer Scooter: After a night on the party, the ability to walk home 5-6 miles without noticing the distance or waking up in your bed without any idea of how you got there--an almost mythical form of transport

Beirut: A game that is the same as beer pong, just a different name and more cups. And more violent and messy

Bent Me Over: An unpleasant result or painful conclusion to an event.

BH9: Abbreviation for Beverly Hills 90210

Bijiggety: To be all crazy over a guy. Comes from the film "The Sweetest Thing." ex

Bird: Slang for a girl

Boned: To be bent over by an exam or test

Boo: Short for someone's boy/girl-friend

Boof: To steal. Often used about lighters

Boonies: Far out of the way. Usually where you have to park your car in the student lot

Booze hound: Someone who drinks in excessive quantities and does so with regularity

Booze Snooze: A nap taken early in the afternoon to prepare for the night's party, after you've already been drinking. See also Party Nap

Broke Off: Getting rejected

Bronson: Term for beer: If its ice cold and rhymes with johnson, it must be a bronson!

Bud: Marijuana

Budget: An adjective used to describe things that are overrated or bad

Buffalo Club: A ritual often practiced by freshmen. One variation involves always drinking with one's opposite hand. If caught drinking otherwise, the guilty party is forced to finish their drink

Butterface: A girl who has a great body but not an attractive face. Comes from..."Everything looks good on her, but her face"

Cancer Sticks: Cigarettes

Centurion: A drinking competition. that consists of sitting down and drinking one shot of beer a minute for 100 minutes. You may not leave your chair for any reason, nor may you expel any bodily fluids (piss, puke, tears, etc). Played extensively by Canadian Enginee

Chameleon: A person who adopts the personalities of whoever they're with and therefore can seamlessly blend into any situation

Chew N'Screw: When you eat at a restaurant or diner and run out on the bill

Collegesque: Being very collegiate at what you do

Cooter Brown: Getting very, very drunk

Crack the Spine: Opening a book for the first time. Often doesn't take place until the night before the finals. Commonly used during bragging sessions when someone is selling back a book claiming never to have opened it

Dart: A term exclaimed when a person is annoying or stupid

Deboed: (DEE-BO-ed) To steal something from someone, or some where

Diesel: Budwiser

Dirty Thirty: A cheap 30-pack of beer, usually not the best tasting but well worth the money on a student's budget

DOA: Drunk On Arrival, a term used to describe getting drunk before going to a party, club or class

Double-Fisting: The art and science of holding and consuming two drinks at once in order to get drunk more efficiently

Drinkie: Beer or Liquor

Drunkavity: When you drink so much, that you become a constant victim to gravity. It's like gravity, but drunk

Drunkenese: The language commonly used by incoherent drunks unable to continue speaking English

DTR (Determine the Relationship): An inevitable, yet painful, discussion that must take place in any relationship lasting longer than two weeks

Duece: Refers to someone who is over 200 lbs

Elephant: Someone who decides he can dance after a few beers

Elusive Double Duece: In reference to a girl that is over 300 lbs that really should not be in skimpy clothes at a party

Exit Strategy: The plan to get out of relationship; usually developed after the second date. (Some people believe that this is only a guy thing.)

Felony: Any good-looking girl who is under the age of 18

FFF (Forced Family Fun): Activities that involve the whole family

Fifteen Minute Rule: If a professor is over 15 minutes late, the class may leave and not expect any repercussion. If the class is taught by a TA, the time is shortened considerably

Float a keg: To finish all the beer, thus making the keg float in its icy bath

For shizzle my bizzle: For sure

Fraggot: A particularly annoying member of a fraternity

Frisbee: Any uneaten pizza left on the floor of a dorm room

Frontload: To drink before an event. Often because: you are underage, alcohol is too expensive at this place, or it is too boring to be sober when you show up (i.e. class)

Gank: To steal something from someone or somewere. Same as Deboed

Ghetto: Low quality, cheap, or sketchy

Golf Party: A party in which participants form teams and go from room to room taking various shots of alcohol

Greenhouse: To smoke weed in a car or room without ventilation and fill it with smoke

Grit: Southern slang, short for a cigarette

Gump: A person who somehow always seems to be in the right place at the right time. These people always have the best stories, but they can never be verified

Handle: A 1.5 liter of hard liquor. Named after the handle often crafted into the bottle

Home wrecker: Economy-sized bottle of alcohol

Hottie: An attractive person

Hour of Power: Drinking 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes

Huey: An individual who tries way to hard to impress their teacher in class

Hurt Locker: A place of extreme discomfort

Kleinman: A man everyone hates

Liquid Courage: The fact that you will do things while drunk that you will not do while sober

Lung Candy: Cigarettes

Marinate: The art of doing absolutely nothing

Off the chain: Describes a person or party that is excessively wild or drunken

Pack Up: Shut up or leave

Parent-proof: Prepare a room for a visit from the parental units. Usually includes hidding alcohol, birth control, controlled substances, poor test grades, and dirty dishes

Party Foul: An incident that goes against the rules of the party. For example, spilling your glass of red wine on the Dean's white carpet during an elegant mixer

Party Nap: A short early-evening rest period to prepare for the night's festivities

P's: Abbreviation for Parents

Raunching: Getting really drunk

Reamed: To do very poorly on an exam

Red Ball: When something is a priority-dude

Redonk-a-donk: Something/one that is out of control

Rents (Rentals): The people who raised you, helped pay for your schooling and initiate wild cleaning sessions before they come to visit. See also P's

RPI: Random Party Injury - When you wake up in the morning with injuries in that you don't remeber because of a night of heavy drinking

Rum Race: A drinking game where teams are given a bottle of rum and liters of coke. The first team to finish their bottle of rum wins

Shady: Describes someone who is unsuccessfully trying to hide something that they are doing or have done

Shakes: The tremors that result from drinking way too much

Shot in the Face: A person who is extremely unappealing

Smoky Treats: Cigarettes

Snatch: A nickname for a great american college beer: Natural Light

  Snieger: (Pronounced 'ss neye ger') A cigarette

Sonny: A male who is extremely good looking...

Spins: This is when you are so drunk that it feels like the room won't stop spinning

Squad up: To get together with your clique, or your team to either fight or play a game of some sort

Stoop "_____" : Insert any activites that are done off the front steps of a house. (eg: smokin, jumpin, drinkin, etc.)

Strugglefest: Someone who is sloppy drunk

Stumble n' Rumble: The act of getting extremely drunk and starting fights with strangers. Pointless but fun

Swagger: You clothes, and your total outward appeal. One should try to always have a the proper swagger for every occassion

TDI: These are the "Trivial Drinking Injuries." Most drinking injuries fall under this category. These are the cuts, bruises, scratches and sprains that just kind of hurt, but you ignore until the pain goes away a couple of days later. May or may not be a UDI

Ten Second Rule: Drunk version of Three Second Rule

Test Files: Past tests and notes kept by organizations to help their fellow members

The Stupids: What you have the day after a night of hard drinking, and you can't think very well

Three Second Rule: If a piece of food falls on the floor, one has three seconds to retrieve it before it gets too dirty to eat. Less than three seconds and the food in question is safe to ingest

Tomb of the dead soldiers: A trash can filled with many, many beer cans. Sometimes brings a tear to the eye

Tool: A socially inept individual

Transformer: A guy (or girl) who looks good from far away but not when they walk closer

Two Feet & a Heartbeat: The method of travel employed by most college students

Ultimate: Short for Ultimate Frisbee. A game that combines Frisbee, soccer, and football

Vitamin N: Short for Vitamin Nicotine. Refers to having a cigarette first thing in the morning of a very long day

Warming up: To drink before going to the bar. Either because your underage, to cheap or it's too boring going sober!

Wets: Condoms

Wounded soldier: A full beer found when cleaning up the next day after a party

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