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Quiz -- Are You A Good Roommate?
By Glenn Danforth
Copyright 1995 Glenn Danforth - All rights reserved

This quiz was the result of my effort to find a a cheap place to live when I returned to college in 1995. After   several bad experiences answering ads for roomies, I decided to create my own advertisement. Although I was the one seeking a room, I decided to create a quiz for those "applying" for the scary job of becoming my landlord.
     This is the main part of the flyers I posted around the school. And, fortunately, it garnered several responses and helped me find a roommate who wasn't required by court order to take regular doses of Thorazine.

1) I want a roommate who drinks:

a) Occasionally
b) Never
c) Heavily and constantly
d) To relieve the guilt he feels over the terrible mental torture he causes me

2) This picture represents:
The cold medicine I keep around "just in case"
b) The reason I am always saying "Just Say No" to my grandmother
c) My typical mid-afternoon snack
d) The reason all my "girlfriends" don't wake up until our date is over


3) I expect the rent to be paid:

a) Early
b) On time
c) In gold bullion
d) In blood

4) I want a roommate who smokes

a) Never
b) Outdoors only
c) Only substances from South America
d) Enough to make our living room resemble Los Angeles on a bad day

5) I like to shower:

a) Twice daily
b) Daily
c) When my eyes begin to water
d) When it rains hard enough that the roof leaks

6) My immediate goal in life is:

a) To graduate from college
b) To graduate with honors
c) To raise my GPA to 1.5
d) To convince my roommate that heterosexuality is vastly overrated

7) To me, "Smokin' Rock" represents:

a) An Eddie Van Halen solo
b) The smell of charcoal on a grill
c) I didn't know rocks could smoke
d) A typical evening at home with my friends   

a) Rock & Alternative
b) Country & Rap
c) Wayne Newton & Boxcar Willie
d) Anything with accordions


For each:
     A = 5 points
     B= 3 points
     C= 1 point
     D = 0 pointsIf You Scored

40 Points - Raise the rent and call me
28- 39 Pts- Call me
8- 27 Pts- Lower the rent and call me
0- 7 Pts - Lose my number & seek professional help!

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